Consumer Fuel Services



Wholesale Fuel Discounts

We are the first to offer preferred, wholesale pricing to registered members for personal use. You and your family members can saving BIG at the pump with the Nationwide Fuel card.

Multiple Cards, One Account (Great for Families)

If you require multiple cards, no problem! Our detailed reporting will show you the breakdown of each card in your weekly invoice. Furthermore, you can set Daily/Weekly/Monthly limits.

Flexible Payment Plans

Invoices can be paid using bank account or a credit card. This allows your family members to continue taking advantage of incentive and points programs from financial institutions while receiving wholesale pricing at the gas pump.

At Nationwide Fuel, one card does it all. The staff and services at Nationwide Fuel stand behind their clients from the pump, all the way through paperwork. Carrying our fuel card consolidates reporting and receipts while providing wholesale pricing without limiting access to payment options or incentive programs.